Centre for Bible Engagement

Bible Engagement involves accessing and understanding, reading and listening, and interacting and engaging meaningfully with the life-changing message of the Bible.

STM is pleased to announce the setting up of the Centre for Bible Engagement in light of her research and teaching strengths in biblical studies. This Centre engages with the academic study of the Bible, its later reception (in art, music, literature, and culture), and its relevance to contemporary society. It also aims to bridge academic study of the Bible and the needs of the local church by making its research findings accessible to the wider audience.

The primary activities of the Centre include:

  1. Research Programme
    1. Providing postgraduate supervision (currently the Master of Theology, and in future, the Doctor of Theology) in the fields of biblical studies.
    2. Carrying out research and publication in the field of biblical studies
    3. Engaging in interdisciplinary studies of the Bible including its reception, literary, cultural, political, and postcolonial readings of the Bible
  2. Learning Programme
    1. Organising events and seminars including the annual Biblical Studies Seminar, annual lecture series, and frequent public lectures
    2. Establishing a Biblical Studies Room that houses the display of maps, photos, and posters related to the geography of biblical lands (Israel, Turkey, and Greece), exhibition of facsimile of various biblical manuscripts, collection of archaeological replicas aiding biblical interpretation, and offering guided tours of our “treasures” to help church groups appreciate the history of the Bible, etc.
    3. Organising study tour to biblical sites
  3. Training Programme
    1. Conducting teachings and seminars for churches/youth groups related to biblical studies and formation of the Bible
    2. Working in partnership with Christian organisations and other centres for raising biblical literacy among churches
    3. Equipping churches to identify and examine how to engage the Bible and apply it to contemporary issues confronting the church.

For further information of the centre, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..