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A History of Christianity in Malaysia 1875
Beyond AD 2000: A Call To Evangelical Faithfulness 1568
Brookes, the British, and Christianity 1389
Christian Faith: An Outline 基督信仰:纲领导览 1392
Christian Guide To Indian Cultural Practices In Malaysia And Singapore 1413
David: A Man After God's Own Heart 990
Discerning God in Our Life: The Dance of Two Wills 819
Ecclesiastes Made Simple 1443
Ecclesiastes Made Simple (Chinese Translation) 1352
Elijah Made Simple 1303
Folk Hinduism: A study on the practice of blood sacrifice in Peninsular Malaysia from a Christian perspective 1493
Heavenly Vision for Witness on Earth: A Commentary on Ephesians 1311
I Have Played the Fool: Lessons from the Life of Saul 116
Identity and Ethics in the Book of Ruth 1159
Introduction to the Book of Galatians 1502
Jesus the Storyteller: Hearing the Parables Afresh Today 1342
Job Made Simple 1509
Lamentations Made Simple 1528
Mamahami Kitab Amsal 1184
Mangoes or Bananas? 1767
New Publication! 福音使者:分享福音的进程 An Ambassador of the Gospel: the Process of Sharing the Gospel 287
Passing the Baton: Meditations from Paul's Second Letter to Timothy 1511
Planting an Indigenous Church: The Case of the Borneo Evangelical Mission 1982
Preacher, Prepare Yourself! 1489
Proverbs Made Simple 1548
Rediscovering the Bible 1344
Rediscovering the Bible: Book of Ephesians 同归於一得基业:以弗所书析读 1396
Romans: Sentence Diagram and Flow of Thought 2026
Symbols & the Church 1543
The Book of Ruth - Risky Kindness 1530