How You Can Support STM

According to the annual budget for 2016, we need RM2.9 million to meet our expenditures:

General Expenditure    2,720,000
Assets Expenditure 50,000
Library Expenditure 143,000
Total: 2,913,000

Therefore, we would like to appeal to you to support us generously. You may send us your cheque or bank in directly to our account. STM bank details are as follows:

  • Name: Seminari Theoloji Malaysia
  • Bank: Public Bank Bhd.
  • Account No: 3064759900
  • Swift Code: PBBEMYKL
  • STM ID: 3579/78 (**This id is necessary for certain inter-bank transfer transactions)

STM also receives its support through the following means:
1. Friends of STM or Partners of STM 
2. STM Endowment-Trust Fund
3. STM Sundays 


  1. Friends of STM are those who are committed in donating RM300 per person per year. We hope to recruit more’Friends’ to pray and to support the ministry of STM. If we have 1000 “Friends”, we will be blessed with RM300,000 for the smooth running of the training ministry.
  2. Partners of STM are churches that committed in donating RM1,000 per church per year. If we have 10 churches that donate RM5,000 each, and another 10 churches that donate RM10,000 each, STM will be blessed with an annual donation of RM200,000. Pray that God will grant our desire.

You can also download our Friends and Partners application form by clicking below:

  1. Friends and Partners application form Page 1 (Cover)
  2. Friends and Partners application form Page 2 (Registration Form)


STM Endowment-Trust Fund (STM神學教育信託基金) was officially launched on 6 August 2009 during the 30th Anniversary Celebration at Seremban. Under the leadership of Mr Richard Wong, our Chairman of Endowment-Trust Fund Committee, we managed to share the vision and some have responded to our invitation.
We hope to recruit donors to make endowment plans so to generate revenue for greater development: to pay the salaries of faculty members, the acquisition of library’s research resources, to offer scholarships for qualified post-graduate international students, etc. Your kind assistance in furnishing us the names of donors who desire to make endowment plans for the purpose of advancing theological education is very much valued.


STM Sundays are promoted throughout the year, instead of just on the month of July. On STM Sunday, we hope the following could be achieved:

  1. Church members are made aware of the vision and ministry of STM. The vision of STM is “To equip God’s people for ministry and mission”. Our aim is to train pastors and Christian workers in a wholistic manner so to meet the increasing needs of the Church.
  2. Suitable candidates are challenged to pursue theological and ministerial training. STM as a union college of four main denominations is committed to train pastors for Malaysia and Asian region. We are also committed to quality education.

An amount would be collected for STM as theological training is costly. Our faculty members are available to share the vision of STM with your church. To set a date for STM Sunday, please contact the Principal's Secretary. We hope for your continual support.