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Holyland Tour: Journey of a Lifetime (Updated 17 August 2018)

*Update* The Holy Land Tour cost is reduced for full time STM students and TEE registered students including those at Ipoh. The cost is now RM7750. However, there needs to be a minimum of 15 students to avail of this package. Immediate family are eligible for this.

STM is organizing a tour under Tamil TEE to the Holyland.  The tour will be conducted in English and interpreted in Tamil. The departure date is November 19, 2018 and the duration of the tour is 10 nights and 12 days. Please click here to download:

  1. Flyer
  2. Itinerary

Good News to All who are planning to register for The Holy Land Trip.

We got this OFFER from our Tour Agent ; so, we are forwarding this to you. Hope you will Grab this offer.