STM Endowment and Trust Fund 马来西亚神学院神学教育信托基金

As a faith-based institution, STM has been able to continue its operations due to the loyal support of its donors over the years. As we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of its founding, the STM Endowment and Trust Fund has been launched in order to generate a stable source of annual revenue that is predictable and reliable. Your offering will be invested prudently and the returns will be used to sustain the seminary and its ministries. The endowment plan will promote excellence, quality and sustainability of STM programmes while enabling STM to become a regional centre for theological education, thought and research. The endowment plan will it be used to set up chairs or professorships, provide scholarships, stocking a library to meet the research needs as well as upgrade existing facilities. Please click the links below to download the booklet:


There is a reply slip inside each booklet. 每本册子皆附上回应表。