Centre for Christian Spirituality(CCS) 马来西亚神学院-基督徒灵修研习中心



  • STM exists to provide holistic theological education to train pastors and believers to be holistic servants of God who would serve the Christian Church with humility, gentleness, stability and godly wisdom. We believe that in addition to biblical-theological studies and praxis of church ministries, the deepening of Christian spirituality to enhance spiritual growth is an integral part of a holistic theological education and ministerial formation.
  • The Centre of Christian Spirituality is to be set up for the enhancement and realization of the STM’s foundational ethos and mission.



  • To facilitate pastors and Christian leaders to experience spiritual renewal through encountering our Triune God.
  • To assist pastors and Christian leaders in deepening their learning and practice of Christian Spirituality, so as to be reshaped by the Holy Spirit, to imitate Christ, honour God, and to love themselves, their neighbours, and the created world to fulfil God’s Kingdom mandates through the Church.
  • To lay a sound biblical foundation in studying the broad spectrum of Christian Spirituality for our Christian churches to fulfil the Great Commission in our multi-religious and cultural national context.
  • To promote the practice of historical spiritual disciplines in our churches, as antidotes to our prevalent consumeristic and hedonistic culture of immediacy and narcissism.
  • To provide adequate training for mature Christians who are called to be soul friends or spiritual directors.
  • To network with local and international institutions of Christian Spirituality, researchers and practitioners for mutual collaboration and learning


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  • 马来西亚神学院成立的宗旨是要藉着整全的神学教育,培育牧者和信徒成为全方位的天国工人,以谦柔、踏实和智慧服事众教会。我们相信除了圣经和神学的钻研及教会事工的实践学习之外,加强灵修研习以深化灵性成长也是整全神学教育和牧职塑造的重要一环。
  • “基督徒灵修研习中心”就是为了凝聚资源,更具体地落实上述愿景而成立的。



  • 藉着中心的服事,协助牧者和信徒透过与三一上帝会遇而被更新。
  • 协助牧者和信徒深化身心灵的修习,更多地被圣灵重塑,更效法基督、尊荣上帝,更爱护自己、邻舍及受造界,以透过教会完成上帝国度的委托。
  • 为着研习幅度宽广的基督教灵修学奠下正确的圣经基础,以协助众教会在多元宗教和文化的处境中落实大使命。
  • 在众教会中,推介和促进历史性的属灵操练,以作为当今速成和自恋的消费和享乐文化的解毒剂。
  • 为蒙召成为“属灵朋友”(Soul Friend)或“灵性导师”(Spiritual Director)的成熟基督徒提供足够的培训。
  • 与国内或国外的基督徒灵修研习中心、研究者和实践者连结,以增进相互间的合作和学习。


Future Events in 2019